About Us

Nothing goes beyond the sight of a serene troop of mountain gorillas as they engage with each other in the thick and misty jungle and you will not forget enjoying lively chimpanzees swing in the fruit trees as you follow their everyday activities.

Visitors enjoy the special chance to track of gorillas and chimpanzees in their natural surroundings led by extremely trained park rangers and certified trackers. Our fully-guided walking safaris enable visitors to feel at one with the environments and get closer to nature.

DiamondClear consists of 2 remarkable lodges with unique characters both with a company concentrate on premium service, great food, and comfy lodging.

Stay with us at DiamondClear and meet the unparalleled local wildlife; an extraordinary experience that will stick with you permanently.

DiamondClear provides our visitors 2 elegant lodges-- Gorilla Safari Lodge and Crater Safari Lodge.

Our lodges have unique characters but both provide the very same high-quality service, excellent food, and comfy lodging. They offer the ideal base to enjoy an amazing series of first-rate safari activities consisting of gorilla and chimpanzee tracking.